About Us


   Michael Renegar is a model photographer, and Co-Founder of CCSS. He has been collecting ghostly legends and tales since childhood, and has been actively  investigating paranormal activity for over 20 years.
  Michael is also the author of the book, ROADSISE REVENANTS AND OTHER NORTH CAROLINA GHOSTS AND LEGENDS, published in 2005 by Bright Mountain Books. He has a second book ready for publishing, and a third in planning stages.

Amy Spease is an Auternative Model, Photographer, and Designer, and Co-Founder of CCSS. Amy has always had an interest in the paranormal. She is a natural sensitive, and has looked into several haunting cases. She is a wife, and wonderful mother of two great kids.

Seth Greer is Amy's fiance, and a very good investigator. He has an ear for EVP capture. Seth hails from Ashe County, home of the infamois Devil's Staircase...

Kristen Crutchfield Brown is our newest member. She is David Crutchfield's sister, and another sensitive. She is working on honing her nascent psychic abilities, along with Amy. Kristen works at Greensboro College, and was integral to getting us in the doors there.

David Crutchfield is the Co-Founder of Project Ghost-Find, along with Michael. They started their first informal group at Appalachian State University in 1990. He currently resides in Raleigh.

Carolyn Sue Haigwood is an old friend. She is getting back to ghost research.

David and Kristen's mother, Ann Crutchfield, and Michael's Mom, Katie Renegar also join us on some investigations.


We have twice investigated with Bo Blackburn and his group, Mystery Incorporated.

We are also proud associates of Professor Al Profitt, a veteran ghost hunter employed in the education department of ASU. He has also been out with us twice. We lookforward to more investigations with him, and with Mystery Incorporated, in the future.
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