If You Need Help...

    If you are experiencing a ghost, haunting or other type of paranormal activity, please see our contact us section. If you are contacting us to ask for an investigation or for help, please include a brief summary of the activity you are experiencing, when it started, WHO you think the ghost may be IF you have any clue.

    We will evaluate your claim, and respond within 3 days. Please also provide a valid email address, your phone number and name, and the location of the paranormal activity.

    Serious claims only, Please. While we do not charge for our investigative and research services, We take a dim view of charletans, pranksters, and fakers, and publicity seekers. If you try to fool us, or provide false information on purpose, you will be blacklisted with all groups we associate with, and you WILL receive a bill for our wasted time.

     Legitimate claims will be processed and looked into at no cost to the client. If the client doesn't wish us to publish our results, the client must let us know in writing before we investigate. If you want us to publish the story, but use pseudonyms for your names, we will do so gladly, but this must also be presented in writing. Otherwise, the real names and locations may be used in our public reports.

     We come at our investigations professionally, and in a serious manner. We use scientific equipment, including EMF meters, IR Thermometers, Digital Voice Recorders, Digital cameras, and Video. We also rely on our senses and personal experiences to complement the scientific data.

NOTE:  We are paranormal investigators and researchers, NOT ghostbusters or Exorcists! We will investigate and record negative hauntings and activity, but we do not get rid of spooks! If you believe you are the victim of a demonic entity, you are urged to seek help from clergy immediately. Thanks for your interest!

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