The Legend of Lydia's Bridge has been an enduring and beloved ghost story for nearly a hundred years. After 28 years of research, 3 books, and an appearance in Season 3, Episode 5 of MONSTERS AND MYSTERIES IN AMERICA, a student at High Point University, Emily Manzik, found out the true identity if the woman who inspired the legend.

       The genesis event occurred on June 20, 1920. A car crash happened in the curve on the old route at the original underpass on High Point Road in Jamestown, NC. At the time, it was US 29/70A, and was very much a rural country road, unlike the busy urban road it is today.

         As with most legends, the "story" strays a little from the truth. The woman was 30-35, not a teenager. And while they were n their way to High Point that nght, she did NOT live there. But the details, circumstances, timing, time of year, and location are all spot on. There is NO doubt this is the origin of the legend.

            Her name was not Lydia. It was also not Mary, as we had speculated. The woman's name was Miss Annie L. Jackson...

_ Michael Renegar, Co Founder, CCSS

Photos of Cemetery Cortesy of Angie Lee Howell

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